test inglese online

What LTEST can do

LTEST online is a powerful and reliable tool that businesses and organisations can use to test their employees' knowledge of English effectively and efficiently.

Both the full version and the short version of LTEST® can be used to carry out a preliminary assessment of candidates' knowledge of the language and assign each one a level based on a widely recognised European standard, thus making it easier to organise language training.

Selection & Training

Test job applicants who are applying for positions which require a knowledge of English.

Evaluate candidates' knowledge of English during the planning phase of language courses and check progress during the course.

Test employees' from various locations at different times using the same, reliable standard to compare the results.

Our software makes all of this possible.


The LTEST system can be accessed by purchasing an agreed number of user licences. There are two options for managing and using these licences:

  • The candidate logs on to the client's platform and takes the test by clicking on a link provided via email.
  • The client manages the licences and has access to all the services offered by the LTEST system via the ltest.org website


Option 1 (see left) - access is activated using Web Service technology. The candidate interacts with the programme via a link (URL) which is generated when the licence is assigned. The candidate accesses the test through an internet browser, connecting to the client platform via the link provided. Test results are automatically communicated to the client.

Option 2 - the client nominates an 'administrator' to manage the licences using the LTEST system, sending each candidate a personalised link to access the test.