We are committed to protecting your privacy. This is what happens to the personal information you provide when you use/purchase the services provided by in accordance with the Regulation No. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (the “GDPR”).
The personal information provided during registration for services will be recorded on the database owned by TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. - registered offices in Via Tina Modotti, 71 Rome - which will own the information and be responsible for processing it.
TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. will use the personal information provided by the user in accordance with the legal provisions of Law decree no.196 of 30 June 2003 regarding privacy protection and other applicable rules in force.
This communication applies to the personal information provided by the user during the registration process and to information collected while the user visits and navigates our Site. TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. uses the personal information for various data processing purposes as specified in Law Decree 196/2003, namely, collection, recording, organization, storage, elaboration, modification, selection, retrieval, comparison, use, cross-referencing and any other operation involved in providing the services requested, including communication to third parties, where necessary - primarily in automated and computerised form. Such information may also be stored in databases or archives. Personal data is collected primarily for the following reasons:
  • to provide the services offered;
  • to provide information and/or send messages regarding the service;
  • to fulfill any accounting or tax obligations;
  • to trace the perpetrators of any illicit activity where this is specifically requested by and on behalf of the competent authorities.
By accepting the terms of the privacy policy (compulsory for free services), the user authorises TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. to:
  • provide the user with information and/or offers regarding the services of the website, as well as information regarding business partners and outsourcers which may be of interest to the user, without passing the user's personal information to third parties. TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. will never make information about its clients available to third parties;
  • seek feedback regarding the quality of the services provided, providing post-sales services where appropriate;
  • send advertising messages and information regarding its own products and services and those of third parties;
  • carry out market surveys, compile statistics, research marketing and customer preferences.
The Client can access his/her personal information at any moment and may exercise his/her rights as specified in article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. There are two types of personal information: mandatory and optional, as indicated during the registration process. The collection and processing of mandatory information is solely for the purposes of providing the services described. If the user refuses to provide the information or does not consent to its use, he/she will not be able to use services. Other information collected helps to make improvements to the services offered. The Client is under no obligation to provide this type of information.
TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. informs users that, as stipulated in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, they have the right to:
  • know if there is personal information held about them;
  • be informed of the identity of the data controller and handler;
  • ask the data controller to: confirm whether or not personal information concerning them exists; send them the information; explain how and why the information was collected and how it is used.
  • have the information removed, made anonymous or made inaccessible if it has been used unlawfully;
  • ask for the information to be updated, corrected or added to;
  • request confirmation that third parties with access to the information are aware of what has been stated so far;
  • totally or partially object to processing of personal information where there are legitimate grounds for doing so;
  • change consent at a later date, totally or partially refusing consent to use personal information for advertising purposes or for market research or advertising messages and similar types of communication.
The client is free to update, change, supplement or simply refuse to allow the use of his/her personal information at any time, or ask for it to be removed by sending an email message to or a registered letter to the Data Controller. The data controller is: TEAM TEACHING S.R.L., registered offices in Via Tina Modotti, 71 - 00142 Rome (RM). Any claims in relation to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 should be addressed to: TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. - Data Protection Office - Via Tina Modotti, 71 - 00142 Rome (RM)


The present General Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been read and accepted by the User from the moment he/she starts completing the procedure indicated on the site (hereinafter also referred to as "Site") and proceeds by selecting "Accept" and/or in any case access to the Service and/or use it.

The following contractual conditions refer to all current automated services provided for private users by TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. through the website and also applicable if these services are renamed and are subject to both the General Terms and Conditions and to the Request to register for the Services offered by Srl and by the consent to process personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03 and with the Regulation No. 2016/679, art. 13 and 14 (“GDPR”). Acceptance of these conditions is a necessary requirement for the use of the services offered by TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. reserves the right to extend and modify or delete the range of features offered by the Services. If the General Terms and Conditions and the Request to subscribe to the Service need to be supplemented or changed as a result of any changes to the software or its features, will communicate the aforementioned changes in an appropriate manner. Only adults may register for paid services. Both adults and minors may register for free services.

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the services offered and provided by TEAM TEACHING S.R.L., registered company address Via Tina Modotti, 71 – 00142 Rome (hereinafter referred to as ""). Additional conditions may apply to each specific Service. As each new service becomes available, a link will be provided to information regarding any new conditions. The private user of the free services (hereinafter referred to as "User") is identified by the personal information provided at the time of registration. The private user who has registered for one or more of the paid services offered by will also be referred to as "Customer" in this contract, as well as in the respective additional conditions. For information about how the system works, please consult the website In the event that the mandatory personal data provided by the User or Customer is found to be incorrect, incomplete or non-existent including during subsequent checks, reserves the right not to activate, to suspend or to terminate the Service at any time without prior notice.

3. DURATION OF THE SERVICE Registration for the Free Services is of indefinite duration unless TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. decides to cancel the registration which it is free to do so at any time communicating the cancellation via the website. When registering for paid services, the results obtained are usually stored on the server and can be consulted by either party for at least 12 months after the test has been taken. will give the User 30 days notice if it intends to remove the data before the end of the 12-month period.

The contract is activated:
  • for free services, when makes the Service available following the online acceptance of the conditions of contract by the user;
  • for paid services, when payment for the service by the Customer has been received.
In the event of a change to the technical and regulatory conditions for the provision of the Service, shall have the right to suspend the provision of the Service at any time subject to thirty days notice sent to the e-mail address linked to this subscription contract.

The Customer who has registered for free services has the right to withdraw at any time from the contract, an improvement on the rights guaranteed by Legislative Decree 50/92, Legislative Decree 185/99 and Legislative Decree. 206/05, all rights which are in any case still guaranteed. will disable access to the Internet and Services and stop any processing of the data provided within 48 hours of having received notice of withdrawal from the Customer. In accordance with the Legislative Decree. 206/05, art. 59 the User of paid services will be able to use the services provided by only after having expressly accepted the terms and conditions of the contract and after having paid for the service. Once the contract has been fully executed, the Customer no longer has the right to withdraw.

6. FEE
The fee for registration or renewal of paid Services is the cost indicated on the appropriate price list (published on the Site) at the time of purchase, after applying any discounts or offers and includes all taxes that may be applicable at the time of placing the order. Payment can only be made by credit card. TEAM TEACHING S.R.L will provide private users with a receipt only, not an invoice. The Customer is responsible for the hardware and software equipment and any costs associated with using the Internet during the use of each Service, as well as the cost of any telephone calls to the Internet provider used by the Customer.

Access to the Services is granted by means of an identification code (username) and a keyword (password). The username is public data, while the password, provided only by the Service, is the secret key without which the Service cannot be accessed. The User is aware that a third party in possession of the password would be able to use the Service in the User’s name. The User is therefore required to keep the password confidential and will be responsible for any damage caused by the password being known by third parties. The password cannot be changed by the user. The User undertakes to notify immediately of any theft, loss or breach of password confidentiality and remains responsible for any use of the Service until notification of the theft, loss or breach of confidentiality has been received. The User also undertakes to immediately notify by e-mail at, of any unauthorized use of his/her user ID and/or password or any other breach of security that comes to his/her attention.

8. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER The User acknowledges that he/she is not allowed to use or give others the opportunity to use the Services to do anything that cause damage or disturbance to other users and/or services operating on the Internet and/or that violate the laws and regulations in force. Specifically, but not exclusively, it is forbidden to use or give others the opportunity to use the Services to:
  • Make unauthorized attempts to access any account or computer belonging to other parties;
  • Obtain or try to obtain services using any type of means to avoid the payment due;
  • Intercept, prevent, unlawfully interrupt or reveal the content of computerised or electronic communication;
  • Interfere with, steal or delete computerised or electronic communication between third parties;
  • Transmit, distribute or retain any type of material that violates any current legislation or regulation; this includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property, pornography or defamatory material or material that constitutes unlawful processing of personal data or violates export control laws;
  • Violate the privacy of other users of the Network;
  • Use the Services to prevent other customers or authorized users from accessing the network.
The User / Customer has sole responsibility both for the information provided via Data Controller’s software of the website and for the use of this data and its dissemination. The Customer relieves the Data Controller of the website of any responsibility connected with the insertion of personal data entered anywhere on the website. The User/Customer is therefore required to take all the necessary precautions before inserting such data. The information on the website may link to external sites and their services, over which the Data Controller of the Web Site does not have any control and for which the Data Controller takes no responsibility. The assessment of the Customer’s language ability provided by the service cannot be modified in any way; the Customer may only ask for the assessment to be removed. The User therefore releases from responsibility for any loss, damage, liability, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising from the contravention of these rules. The User also acknowledges that, while surfing the Internet, he/she has sole responsibility for the upload and/or download of any programs, content or information from the Network. The Customer expressly agrees and authorizes, also in accordance with Legislative Decree 185/99 art. 10 1st paragraph and of Legislative Decree 185/99. 171/98 art. 10, to use automatically generated communication (mail, SMS, ordinary mail, banners) within the limits established in the consent to the processing of personal data expressed in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03 for sending advertising messages. undertakes not to send more than one advertising e-mail per day for free services. will keep the personal data provided by the Customer confidential and not disclose it to third parties without the explicit consent of the customer, except when expressly requested by the Judicial Authorities, in accordance with Legislative Decree. 196/03. It is understood that has the right to transmit such data to persons who have signed a confidentiality agreement and who have been authorised to execute the services connected with the intended purpose of this contract. The Customer/User is expressly informed that he/she may not transfer the present contract to third parties, whether for payment or free of charge, on a temporary or permanent basis, without the written consent of The Customer and the User acknowledges and accepts that a Log register is held by The Log register is confidential and may only be shown to the Judicial Authorities if expressly requested. takes all the necessary measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the Log register. The Customer/User acknowledges that when he/she connects to the Service, identifies him/her through his/her Customer code in order to determine the origin of the connection. guarantees the confidentiality of all data and information sent to or received from the Customer/User via its website. In no circumstances can the content of said communication be used for any kind of check, verification or censorship by or third parties, with the express exception of the Judicial Authorities.

Profiling is a system used to analyse purchasing habits based on the user’s internet activity. may analyse user logins to create a predefined list of sites and advertisements that may be of interest to the Customer from a purely commercial point of view. The list will be composed of websites which best represent various product categories. These sites will be selected from among the most popular and stable sites for each product category. The catalogue thus defined will be kept up-to-date and will be periodically checked by When creating and storing the aforementioned catalogue, ensures and guarantees that it will not include sites which process, either directly or indirectly, any information relating to sensitive data: " [...] racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organisations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data revealing the state of health and sex life[...]" in accordance with article 20 of Legislative Decree No. 196/03. Therefore any data processing that might directly or indirectly involve sensitive information will automatically be excluded. The data may be transferred to third parties for anonymous market research or for transmitting advertising material with the explicit consent of the User or Customer. This process is mandatory for Users of Free Services and integral to the recovery of costs incurred for the services themselves while it is optional for Customers of paid Services.

10. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY undertakes to do everything within its power to guarantee that the services are always fully functioning. However, the User acknowledges that there may be interruptions to the Service due to routine and extraordinary maintenance of the system. As far as possible and with the exception of cases of force majeure, Users will be informed of interruptions in advance by email or through the Portal. At the same time the User also acknowledges that the use of Services can be affected by traffic on the internet and/or the telephone networks anywhere along the line. The User therefore acknowledges that the continuity and quality of the Services does not depend solely on systems, but also on the abovementioned technical conditions. will therefore not be liable for damage of any kind to the User or any persons directly or indirectly connected to the User, including any damage to the User/Customer caused by loss of profit, use or loss of data or any other intangibles resulting from:
  • delays, malfunctions, suspension and/or interruption of the Services;
  • goods, products and services purchased or obtained by the User from third parties via the Services;
  • unauthorized access to or changes made to the User's data and/or the information communicated by the User.
The User also acknowledges that may suspend the Services in order to carry out routine and extraordinary maintenance. takes no responsibility for damage arising from use of the Services. Furthermore, does not offer any guarantee regarding the results that are expected, hoped for or obtained through the use of the Services. The result obtained by taking the LTEST Online English test is purely an estimate of the User/Customer’s actual level of English and the correlation between the score obtained and the level description indicated in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is based on research and testing carried out by the TEAM TEACHING S.R.L. Training Centre.

In any case, any form of implicit or explicit warranty is expressly excluded, insofar as this does not conflict with current legislation. The parties mutually agree and acknowledge that in any and all cases of dispute the User may only request to reimburse the fee paid. The transactions carried out by Users and Customers with the advertisers present on the Portal, the delivery and payment of products or services, the provision of warranties and any other element connected with the transactions have effect exclusively between them and the advertiser. is completely extraneous to the commercial transaction. Users and Customers, therefore, acknowledge that cannot be held responsible for problems connected or arising directly or indirectly from the transactions carried out via its services.

11. CHANGES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES will inform its users in advance of any technical/performance and/or changes to or charges for the Services, by publishing the date when such changes will take effect on the website and/or notifying them by e-mail. It is the User's responsibility to check the messages published on the Site or received by e-mail. reserves the right to modify and/or add to these General Terms and Conditions at any time, without limiting or damaging the rights of the User, by publishing a message on the site and/or by notifying the User by e-mail. The User must expressly accept the present Terms and Conditions before the using the Service.

Unless stated otherwise in the General Terms and Conditions, notifications relating to the Services will be deemed valid if sent to the following addresses:
  • By registered letter to TEAM TEACHING S.R.L., Via Tina Modotti, 71 - 00142 Roma (RM);
  • By email with Read Receipt to
To the User:
  • By registered letter to the home or other address provided when completing the personal details form
  • By email with Read Receipt to the e-mail address assigned to the User by this Service.
The User is required to notify promptly of any change to her/his current, permanent and delivery addresses, including changes to the address provided for notifications.

The Court of Rome (RM) shall have sole jurisdiction in disputes relating to this Contract.

For the information relating to privacy to be provided in accordance with Regulation art 13 and 14 (UE) 2016/679 and with Legislative Decree 196/03 ex art. 13, please refer to the relevant page on the Portal which is also linked to this form.

The service can be accessed using a Client identification code – “Username” - and a keyword - “password”. The Client is informed that a third party in possession of both the Username and the password would be able to use the service in the Customer’s name and gain access to his/her e-mail correspondence. The Client is therefore required to keep the password absolutely confidential. He/she will be held responsible for any damage and detrimental consequence to or third parties as a result of failure to comply with the above. The password provided to access the Service cannot be changed, therefore the Client undertakes to notify immediately if he/she forgets the password or if it is lost or stolen.

Any other matters not specifically referred to in this agreement shall be subject to current legislation.

The User declares that he/she has carefully read and accepts the content of clauses 3,5,8,8,9,10,10,11,13 and 15,17 and accordingly agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this contract in accordance with art. 1342 of the Civil Code.