Do you need help?

How long does the test last?

It usually takes about half an hour to do the short test and about an hour to do the longer, full version. You may need more time if you make frequent use of the 'replay audio' function.

When the test starts, the answers appear but not the questions.

The first part of the test is listening comprehension. This malfunction is caused by a problem with the audio system. Check your audio set-up.

There is a short and a long version of the test. Why?

If you don't need an in-depth evaluation or don't have much time, you can do a quick test. If you want a more reliable evaluation or want a Certificate confirming your result, you will also have to take the longer, full version of the test. Fifteen days after you have done the short test, a button will appear on the results page which will allow you to launch the test. The full version is always available. The result of the longer, full version of the test overrides the result of the short test.

Can I do the test on a tablet?

Yes. You can use a tablet either in a Windows, Mac iOS or Android environment. You should use a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Do not use the Opera Mini browser as it cannot support the test. To make sure your result is reliable we suggest you do not do the test on a smartphone.