A multimedia system that tests your level of English.

The test is simple to take and the results are reliable for all levels of ability. There are two parts: a listening section and a grammar/vocabulary section. As the test progresses, the questions get more difficult if you answer them correctly. It's easy to use: just choose the answer by clicking on the mouse. In less than an hour the test will assign you a level from the European scale of reference. There's also a shorter version (about 30 minutes), but for a more in-depth evaluation and a certificate confirming your result you'll need to do the longer version of the test.

LTEST is an online programme which tests your knowledge of English. The test is fully computerised and takes less than an hour to complete. The questions become more difficult or easier according to the user's competence.

The test is in two parts. The first part tests listening comprehension and there are 24 questions. In the second part there are 24 questions which test reading comprehension and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. There is a short pause between the two parts of the test.

You have 20 or 30 seconds to answer each question, according to difficulty. A moving bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much time is left. Use the replay button to listen to the recordings in the listening comprehension section again.

Four possible answers are given for each question, but only one is correct. Simply click on the answer you think is correct.

Make sure you get to the end of each section without stopping, otherwise you'll lose marks. If you interrupt the test more than once your result will not be recorded and you'll have to go back to the beginning and start again.

Your result will appear as soon as you have finished the test and you can print out the description of the level you have been assigned. Levels range from beginner to advanced and are based on widely recognised international scales of reference (CEFR - Common European Framework - and TOEIC - Test of communication in English).