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How much English do you know? Take this online test to find out. A highly reliable test that’s completely free. Take a free online test to find out how much English you know. Assesses all levels of ability, from beginner (Level 0) to advanced (C2.2). The system is easy to use, reliable and the test is completely free. Find out what your level is in less than an hour. A highly professional test that assesses your knowledge of English. Just follow three easy steps to get started. Whether you study or you work, it’s important to know what your level of English really is. Take this online test to find out. An online test that objectively assesses your level of English. A reliable testing system at your disposal - and it’s completely free.

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Reliable The test methodology developed is the outcome of a long and thorough process of testing and trialling. Simple Get started straight away. To answer the questions, all you need to do is click on the mouse. Clear At the end of the test you will be assigned a level from the European scale of language levels.